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8 Keys To Breaking Into The Field

28 Feb

This past week Brendon Rearick and I were lucky enough to be invited back to our alma mater UMass Amherst to present to their kinesiology club. We put together a presentation to give to aspiring strength coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists and medical students about the keys to getting into the field and getting on the path to success.

Now I know that Brendon and I are not exactly “big-timers” in the fitness field but I do think we’ve done pretty well for ourselves being just 8 months out of college. The most important thing is that we’re actually training a lot of people and getting great results. We can both attribute the fact that we are working a great facility and have a large client base to the fact that we have done the right things to get here. Although we still have a long way to go to be considered leaders in this field  I think we’ve both got a pretty good handle on how to get on a path to success.

After stopping at the infamous Antonio’s Pizza on the way into town we showed up to 30 or so college kids ready to listen and learn. We ended up speaking for an hour and half and answering a whole bunch of great questions. I posted a link to download the Powerpoint slides below for your enjoyment. Here is a quick rundown of my keys to finding success for college kids.

>>>>Download the Powerpoint here: KeysInTheFieldPresentation <<<<

1). Just Graduate

-You need a degree. You cannot conquer the world as a super senior.

2). Set Goals

– Write them down. Studies show you achieve more if you have written goals.

– Have personal, professional and training goals.

3). Work, Work, Work (For Free)

– You have to put in some time. Think of it as a donation towards your own future.

4). Work, Work, Work (For Money)

– Making money requires a grind. Get your 10,000 hours and make your living through quality practice.

5). Read, Read, Read

– You cannot possibly read enough. The most successful people read. Alot.

6). Write About  What You Know

– Writing feeds reading. Reading feed learning. Just don’t be an internet superstar who trains no one.

7) . Make Connections

It’s about who you know AND what you know. People want to do business with friends.

8). You Have To Want To Help Others

– If you don’t want to help others and overdeliver to your clients/athletes then get the hell out. Don’t be like trainer Bob and Jillian Michaels.


Autoregulation for Front Squat PR’s and Tri-sets for Power and Mobility

17 Feb

Editors Note: It’s time that I call myself out. I’m off my blog game right now. I have been so busy training people that my writing has taken a backseat and rightfully so. Coaching is what it is all about, writing is a hobby. However, I’m not one for excuses and it’s time I get my groove back. Enjoy

Big Front Squat PR and Autoregulation

Yesterday I hit a front squat PR and I owe it all to something known as “Autoregulation.” Continue reading