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Progressing The Push-Up

27 Sep

The push-up is the most classic of all exercises. In all liklihood it was probably the first exercise you ever tried. Even before you were exercising to get big and strong you were doing them and you didn’t even know it. In your early days when you were still soiling daipers, you rolled over and your first push-up ever allowed you to see the world. This primal pattern ingrained in our neromuscular development was essential to our human function before it was giving us arms, pecs and abs. 

Better than most push-ups I see.

The push-up is the most widely performed exercise in the universe. Around the world, from jailyards to gym classes people are banging out reps of this infamous exercise. Unfortunately, these days I see more ugly saggy push-ups that are closer to resembling some sort of floor to human sexual intercourse than any sort of exercise.  I believe every able bodied human in the world should be able to perform a good push-up whether they are regular gym-goers or not. You owe it to yourself  to be able to get up off the ground correctly. The same thing goes for squatting and get-ups. In my  utopia everyone would at least be able to do these three essential movements.

Excuse me, are you making love to the gym floor?

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My Favorite Ankle Mob

13 Sep

Even with a busy week of coaching I want to get a quick post up about my new favorite self ankle mobilization technique. Thrilling I know, not exactly like Tom Brady torching Miami for 500 yards, but bare with me here. If you or your clients have stiff ankles try this out and thank me later.

Ugg's don't make for good dorsiflexion

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