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What I Learned From Sue Falsone

6 Oct
A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to attend a FREE lecture given by Sue Falsone at Northeastern University. Sue is incredibly smart and is a great person. I cannot thank Sue and the staff at Northeastern for allowing me to attend this awesome lecture for absolutely free!
Sue presented for free on the behalf of the non-profit group Inner City Weightlifting. This program helps intervene with inner city kids who are on a direct path with gang involvement. The organization has done a remarkable job helping youth in Boston build confidence and get off the streets. Not only does it help these kids become bigger, stronger and healthier but it provides them a path to a career in personal training and strength and conditioning. If you wish to help out and donate click here.
This lecture really got the wheels turning in my head and I want to share some of what I picked up. Here is a look into my notes and thoughts following the lecture. Continue reading