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Sunday Funday: 2/26/12

26 Feb
Great Quote/Picture‎”The myth that women should not lift heavy is advanced only by women who fear effort and men who fear women.” -Eric Midkiff, Olympic Weightlifter 
Here is a Ben Brunoesque push-up variation that I’ve been doing lately on the rings. This one is seriously tough. Just as demanding on the core as it is on the chest and shoulders. Don’t believe me try it for yourself!
Dan John wrote a great post on managing compromises. What starts as a post focused on Olympic lifting becomes a life lesson. I would expect nothing less from my “crazy uncle in the attic.”
Here is a great video of Pyrros Dimas training. You have to appreciate the level of technical mastery and explosveness he demonstrates here. This is amazing to watch. On a related note, we watched a similar video of Dimas in an MBSC staff meeting a little while back. What other job will stuff like this be part of your weekly meetings! I’m so lucky to be at MBSC.


Some Of My Awesome Clients

22 Feb

Here is an old video of a few of my clients getting after it. I totally forgot I had filmed some of this stuff! I like this video because it shows the mix of athletes I may work with on any given day at MBSC.

A 14 year old chin-ups with 55 lbs, some AARP card holders fight off aging and some of my 6 adult group push their training to the limit before the work day begins. Enjoy !

Sunday Funday: 2/19/12

19 Feb

The weather is unbelievable here in Massachusetts for Feburary.  I hope I’m not speaking too soon but I think we may be able to say goodbye to winter. If it is as nice where you are as it is here go outside and do something fun.

If the weather is not as nice here is some random stuff to keep you entertained on this Sunday…

Here is a great video of MBSC coach Tim Morrill coaching up some Ultimate Frisbee athletes at MBSC. When Tim talks you can really see his  passion for  both strength and conditioning and ultimate . Check out his site here.

Every so often I’ll re-watch a video or re-read an article and get a new appreciation for it. I randomly re-watched this video of my friend Neghar Fonooni bent pressing a 32KG and it reminded me how freakin’ strong she is! 

Here is a great article from Dr. Mark Hyman about how wheat and gluten can be damaging to our health. I’ve been reading a lot about this lately and it’s pretty alarming how widespread the damage to our countries health is from living off processed grains and sugar.

This is an AWESOME article.  Marc from Marc and Angel Hack Life list 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself. This is a great reminder for daily living. Read it and you will instantly be better at life.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!


Linear Speed Progression

17 Feb

With the combine coming up soon and our NFL hopefuls at MBSC training for their pro-days I figured now was a good time to write a post on linear speed development.

This is the season when 40 times are the hot topic and 2 out of every 3 yahoos on the internet will claim they have the “speed secrets” to give you faster feet. Thankfully, the best coaches in the world know speed isn’t made with faster feet but with stronger legs and better mechanics.

At MBSC we train 2 qualities to get our athletes faster.

1). Lower Body Strength and Power

2). Acceleration Mechanics/Force Transmission

We build lower body strength and power via Olympic lifting, KB swings, dead lifts, rear foot elevated split squats, single leg dead lifts, hip bridging and single leg squats. We bridge the gap from the weight room to the field with variations of sled pushing and pulling. Sleds are a great resource for building lower body strength and power while also coaching up good backside sprint mechanics. Sleds can be be weighted heavy or lighter for speed and contrary to what some of these track crazies say you can load them with more than 10%. On the other end of the continuum we use sprint drills like lean fall sprints and ball drops to coach the initial push off and acceleration phase.

The Sprint Development Continuum

Strength/Power   <>   Strength/Power/Speed   < >  Speed 

          Oly Lift, Trap Bar  etc..  <>   Sled Work   <> Sprint Drills    

Throughout any training program the lifting shouldn’t change much. We train for power and strength the whole time. As the end gets closer power work in the weight room becomes a little more focused. What I do want to show is the progression of sled and sprint drills that we use with the athletes. Keep in mind we do this with everyone from 14 year old soccer players to NFL hopefuls.

Phase 1:

Wall Drills

– Great for teaching the knee drive and hip extension concept to younger athletes.

Sled Marching

– Both of these drills create a nice lean similar to in acceleration. You should be looking for good hip extension and these are best when done heavy.



Sprint Start Lean Fall Run

– The lean fall run in the sprint position helps teach the athlete about how to get their weight forward for the initial push. Initially, most athletes are not comfortable with the forward momentum and weight shift required for a good start. This drill helps teach that. (I swear I am not as slow as I look in this video)

Phase 2:

Continue Sled Marching: Push and Drag

Ball Drops

– This would be the next progression from the lean fall sprint. The ball drop provides a cue for the athletes to run for and  also trains their reactivity. I find this drill really helps me explode out of the start.

Phase 3:

Plate Drags

– Plate drags are a great progression from heavy sled drags and regular 10 yd sprints. We find that doing these prior to timing our athletes 10 yard sprints is actually leading to better times.

There are a few other drills I like as well but these are the ones we keep coming back to over and over at MBSC.

The bottom line is if you want to get faster you need to get strong, powerful legs. In addition to that it would be  beneficial if you actually practiced  sprinting. You should be sprinting for the sake of getting faster not getting tired. I’m talking about good quality reps with enough rest to ensure full effort. Run hard, rest, repeat.

Weekend Motivation

10 Feb

Brendon Rearick sent me this in an e-mail about an article he is working on. Another great quote from John Maxwell in his book Today Matters. This little reminder applies to everything in life from health, to relationships to your professional life.


“If you neglect enough todays, you’ll experience the “someday” you’ve always wanted to avoid”

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