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Sunday Funday: 3/18/12

18 Mar

MBSC Personal Training Mentorship Announcement

At MBSC we have had a lot of success over the past few years with our sports performance mentorship. Now, we’re pleased to announce that we’re offering a new Personal Training Mentorship run by myself and Brendon Rearick. MBSC is known for developing athletes but what many people do not know is that we do more revenue sales yearly in personal training than anything else. We’ve become very effective at assessing, programming and coaching clients in one-on-one and small group settings and would like to teach our methods to other coaches in the field. This is very exciting for both Brendon and I we would love any coaches looking to expand their knowledge to come join us.

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Executives Share The Best Advice They Ever Received

Someone posted this on Facebook and I thought it was great. There are a lot of gems in here.

Kelly Starrett on Young Athletes and Osgood Schlatters

Just re-watched this video from Kelly Starrett on dealing with athletes with Osgood Schlatters. I’d recommend this for anyone who trains youth athletes.


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Improving Productivity

13 Mar

Recently, I’ve been trying to make a blogging resurgence. I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts on everything health related both mental and physical. While working 60 hrs a week and in school for massage therapy in the evening at times writing takes a back seat. Needless to say, my biggest challenge has been “not having enough time” to write. I always hated that excuse but none-the-less I’ve leaned on it.  I knew it was up to me to make time if it was something I truly gave a shit about. So recently, in a quest to be more productive I have discovered that HOW I work has a much bigger influence on my results than HOW MUCH TIME I have to work. Quality wins over quantity again. Go figure.

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Sunday Funday: 3/4/12

4 Mar

Whooops! No posts this week, except for this one. I’ve been crazy busy. Here is a hodge-podge of small stuff from the week..

Opening The Pecs…

Tight pecs, stiff t-spines and bad breathing patterns are like an epidemic these days. Here are some drills to loosen up and create length in the pecs. Getting better range here first will allow you some slack to mobilize the t-spine. This is best followed up with some t-spine mobility, breathing exercises and rowing work.

8 Steps To A Pain Free Back

Brendon Rearick hooked me up with this book as a kick ass X-Mas present. I just started working my way through it and it’s awesome! Often the missing piece in any rehab program is the home exercise and lifestyle correction portion. This book gives you that. Author Esther Gokhale explores cultures around the world and how their postures and habits have kept them free of back pain. She provides easy to follow home exercises and stretches and provides great examples of how daily posture can make or break the health of your spine. 

7 Tips For A Happier Life

Smitty nailed it with this one. Great article to get you mentally ready for the week ahead.

Well that does it for today. I promise more posts this week. Until then off to trivia at Watch City Brewery…