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Weekend Motivation

10 Feb

Brendon Rearick sent me this in an e-mail about an article he is working on. Another great quote from John Maxwell in his book Today Matters. This little reminder applies to everything in life from health, to relationships to your professional life.


“If you neglect enough todays, you’ll experience the “someday” you’ve always wanted to avoid”

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Daily Quote 1/25/12: Larry Winget

26 Jan

There are a lot of smart people out there who are unsuccessful. Why do you think this is? Probably because of laziness and lack of confidence. You can have all of the knowledge in the world but without effort and follow through it is worthless.

“Knowledge is not power. The implementation of knowledge is power.” -Larry Winget

In the world of fitness I find this to be especially true. Everyone in this field always wants to “talk shop” about the next best thing, but how many of those people follow through and actually do what they talk about? If we had as many people in this field doing what they spend so much time talking about we would have more successful coaches,  better clients and the field would be advancing. Get comfortable testing out new ideas and trying out new methods you’ve read about to decide if they are worth their weight. You have to put your thoughts into action, without action they’re useless.


Daily Quote 1/24/12: Mark Rutherford via Conditioning Research

24 Jan

I found this great quote from Mark Rutherford on Conditioning Research. With my main clientele being the middle aged population this is something I preach to my clients everyday. Dan John stressed this to us in his talk about adults when he came to MBSC.

“Your best ally as you age is to take as much muscle mass into your latter years as possible. “

Bottom line: Fight the battle against muscle atrophy as hard as you can as you get older. The more muscle you can have in the back nine of life the better.

Daily Quote 1/23/12: Maurice Arthus

23 Jan

I found the following quote in the book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. People turning their backs to scientific fact in order to cling to closely held personal beliefs is a worldwide phenomenon but is one that  is especially prevalent in the world of health, fitness and nutrition. All of this is compounded by the public perception of misinformed media with a poor understanding of scientific research. Remember keep an open mind, because science is not dogmatic.

“In reality, those who repudiate a theory that they had once proposed, or a theory that they had accepted enthusiastically and with which they had identified themselves, are very rare. The great majority of them shut their ears so as not to hear the crying facts, and shut their eyes as not to see the glaring facts, in order to remain faithful to their theories in spite of all and everything”Maurice Arthus, Philosophy of Scientific Investigation, 1921.

Listen to this man! He has a snake!!!

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Daily Quote: 1/22/12

22 Jan
I thought this John Maxwell quote was a great one to start the week. 

“You will never change your life until you change something that you do daily”

Neither success or failure just show up one day. They’re both a result of your cumulative work. What you will become is a direct result to what you did TODAY. Have a great week!

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