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Some Of My Awesome Clients

22 Feb

Here is an old video of a few of my clients getting after it. I totally forgot I had filmed some of this stuff! I like this video because it shows the mix of athletes I may work with on any given day at MBSC.

A 14 year old chin-ups with 55 lbs, some AARP card holders fight off aging and some of my 6 adult group push their training to the limit before the work day begins. Enjoy !


Weekend Motivation

10 Feb

Brendon Rearick sent me this in an e-mail about an article he is working on. Another great quote from John Maxwell in his book Today Matters. This little reminder applies to everything in life from health, to relationships to your professional life.


“If you neglect enough todays, you’ll experience the “someday” you’ve always wanted to avoid”

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Steve Jobs and Coaching

24 Jan

Having recently read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson I have come away with a new appreciation for the man who has been the face of Apple over the last 30 years. If you put aside his astounding lack of interpersonal skills then you find a guy who’s drive for perfection and skill for marketing made him the leader of the worlds most valuable muti-national corporation. He is arguablely the most successful and influential person of our time.

I found Jobs’s story unbelievably interesting. By all accounts he was a complete asshole to everyone he worked with and was a less than stellar family man. However, in spite of his quirks, his vision and drive to develop the perfect product was remarkable and his skill for marketing was unparalleled. These qualities are ones to be desired in any field. Constantly, throughout the book I was drawing comparisons between my work in strength and conditioning and the work he was doing at Apple. Thinking, “How can I apply his thought process to what I do?” This is what I came up with…

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Learning Leadership

11 Nov

Becoming a leader requires an active effort. No one is a “born leader”, it is a trait that is refined through practice. Every human in the world is born with the equal opportunity to lead others. It doesn’t take a special genetic make-up, socio-economic status or a position of power to showcase leadership. It’s a matter of choice. That is all. Choose to lead or choose not to. Try some of these principles I’ve picked up from the leaders who I’ve had in my life and see how they improve your leadership ability.

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My Favorite Ankle Mob

13 Sep

Even with a busy week of coaching I want to get a quick post up about my new favorite self ankle mobilization technique. Thrilling I know, not exactly like Tom Brady torching Miami for 500 yards, but bare with me here. If you or your clients have stiff ankles try this out and thank me later.

Ugg's don't make for good dorsiflexion

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