Online Personal Training

Are you looking for the expert guidance and results provided by a professional strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer for just a fraction of the price?

I have an amazing online training program that provides you with a fully-personalized program complete with videos, instruction, progress tracking and personal e-mail and phone communication with me.

What You Get With My Program

I provide you with access to XPS Trainer Software. Using this software we are able to schedule and follow your nutrition and workouts with great ease. You will also have access to my exclusive video database that will teach you and guide you through every workout and every exercise.

  • One-on-one in the gym FMS and full body assessment. (If possible)
  • A customized workout program designed by us based on your personal goals, training status, and schedule.
  • Monthly and weekly changes to your program to keep your body guessing and maintain progress
  • Nutrition consultation via Email. We will guide you, educate you, and hold you accountable for your diet and food selection. 
  • Goal Setting and motivational support 
  • Unlimited access for questions and guidance via email/ phone

How To Sign Up

*It is not mandatory but I highly recommend you have access to a digital video camera. This allows us me visually see your progress and  technique make more accurate adjustments to your program

1). Contact me at I will respond to you with a questionnaire asking you to give me some important background information about yourself, your training status, your goals, pictures (if you have them), and your level of commitment to training.

2). Deposit X amount of dollars into my paypal account (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year)

   1 Month Online Training Package

1 Month/$149.99

Preview Image

3 Month Online Training Package

3 Months/$419.99

Preview Image

6 Month Online Training Package

6 Months/$799.99
Preview Image

1 Year Online Training Package

1 Year/$1,399.99

Preview Image

3). I will then send a follow up email with access to our XPS Trainer Software!*It takes under 5 min to download and sign up.

4). Once you have installed the software I will provide you with your CUSTOM program and you can begin training.

Training package includes a FREE one-on-one in person physical assessment, constant contact with me 24 hours a day via e-mail and phone.


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